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Like many things in business, professional branding is an investment necessary for growth and achievement of your business goals. Bootstrapping your branding may tide you over while your business is still in its infancy, but may no longer be effective as it matures and develops. We believe that good branding is driven by focus, intention and a commitment to a comprehensive process, so we don’t skip steps or offer services piecemeal. The end results always speak for themselves- an investment in your brand is an investment in your work and life.

Invest in your brand, invest in yourself.

Our capabilities

We apply our multidisciplinary skillset to create everything you'll need- from initial development,
to final deliverables.


Art Direction


Logo & Identity
Print & Packaging
Print Production


Website Design
Email Templates
Social Media 

Our Deliverables

Our comprehensive brand design experience spans 10-12 weeks and includes the following tools designed to build an inspired and impactful visual brand identity:

Workbooks and sessions that help you dig deep into your business to discover the distinct qualities and connections that define your brand.

Brand Strategy

Discovery + Alignment

Aligns your brand story and ideal client profile with how a visual identity can help you achieve your goals.


A curated collection of images that visually manifest the optimal creative direction suited to building your visual identity in a way that aligns with who you are as a brand, and attracts your ideal client.

mood board

Primary and secondary logos, and alternate marks designed to ensure brand consistency over a wide range of sizes, orientations and touch-point applications.

Brand Identity


Defined colour pallet and font selection to maintain cohesion and contribute to overall brand recognition.

Colour PAllet + Typography

Supporting graphic elements such as patterns, textures or illustrations, as applicable to your brand, to supplement and unify your overall visual identity and create a distinct and sustainable brand look.

Graphic Elements

A selection of collateral pieces to help you launch your brand with confidence, ranging from branded stationary to social media graphics, depending on your needs.

Brand Experience

Brand Deliverables

A comprehensive PDF guide outlining the standards and usage specifications for your new visual identity.

Brand Guidelines

Investment specifics are available upon request with consultation.

With a brand identity system in place, we can continue to dialogue about how to further maximize your brand presence on additional touch-points in both the digital and physical realms, as applicable to your brand.

ongoing support

Whether you like it or not, every business has a brand, and every brand produces a perception. The question is- what is the perception of your brand costing you? How many opportunities are you missing out on because potential customers aren’t experiencing your business in the best possible way? How much money are you losing because people aren’t willing to pay your prices for a brand they perceive is of little value? How much time are you wasting on marketing and lead generation efforts that are futile because you don’t seem to resonate with any particular audience? When you look at your brand as an experience, every touchpoint contributes to the way customers will view your business. Can you really afford to have an ineffectual logo, cluttered website, or disjointed collateral?

Our holistic and integrated approach marries strategic thinking and refined design to craft brand experiences that will leave your customers with the highest perception of your business. We start at the very core and work our way out, adding layers of depth and dimension that form the foundation and support of your brand. Only then, do we focus on crafting a brilliant and cohesive visual experience that looks and feels distinct to you, and points straight back to the heart of your business. You’ll attract the right opportunities, you won’t have to compete on price, and you can use your time, energy and resources more efficiently on focused marketing efforts. You can be confident in a comprehensive process that produces the best possible solution for your business.

A sound investment always comes with a few perks.

Clear and consistent workflow process

10-12 weeks is a long time! While we don’t rush things or cut corners, we strive to utilize our time together efficiently, and with a timely launch date in mind. We create our project management schedules accordingly, so you always know what to expect and when you can expect it.

Focused attention to your entire project

We make a point to take on a limited number of projects at a time to ensure each one gets our undivided and focused attention for the duration our time together. You can be sure that we are presenting you with our level best because we’ve carved out this time just for you.

Seamless delivery and launch experience

We don’t simply hand off files and call it a day. Part of our delivery process ensures you get the training you need to carry out your brand elements effectively- whether it’s in the form of PDF guides, video tutorials or live walkthroughs, we provide you with ample, on-going support.

Here's what you can expect from us

A brand is the promise of the value you'll receive.

Tom Peters

Take a confident step towards transforming your business by investing in your brand.

Are you ready to make the jump?

You have a clear mission and vision for your business and are committed to intentional, long-term growth and success.

You want to create a unique and holistic brand experience that articulates your brand story, attracts your ideal clients, and accomplishes your business goals.

You’re ready to hang up one of your many entrepreneurial hats and entrust this aspect of your business to a professional, so you can focus on the other things you love about being an entrepreneur.

You’re ready for a refined visual identity that will take your business to the next level, position you as professional, and help you stand out your respective industry.